Welcome to Beau Bella! Here you will find products to revive and replenish your lips. Beau Bella was founded on the belief that no matter how you identify your skin matters. I have products that will fit right into anyone’s skin care regimen. If you are the type to keep your lips bare or you rock a bold lipstick, the goal is to always have a supple and smooth pout. Our lip treatment has three steps: exfoliating lip scrub, overnight moisturizing lip mask, and no shine lip balm for daily use.

As a makeup artist who spends a lot of time doing male grooming, I wanted to create products with both sexes in mind. After I worked with lots of men, I noticed that lip balm was an important step of their grooming process. I became aware of how difficult it is to find the right amount of moisture plus a matte finish. Also with the booming trend of super matte & liquid lipsticks a smooth lip is needed to get a better application. I spent all of my quarantine time trying to fulfil those missing links and add some extras. So here’s my 2020 passion project!